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Restorative Justice Event MCI Concord

The event will bring together incarcerated men and outside community members including victims of violent crime, scholars, law enforcement officers, restorative justice practitioners, and community activists for a one-day conference that will feature the restorative work we have been doing since the program was initiated three years ago, including taking responsibility for harm, deep storytelling, and restorative justice dialogue circles.

The mission of this Restorative Justice Community Healing Event is to improve public safety and reduce recidivism in the Commonwealth by instituting the principles of restorative justice in the lives of offenders in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.  As a victim-oriented offender rehabilitation program, the Repairing Harm program seeks to heal the harms of crime through accountability and compassion.  Restorative justice enables offenders to comprehend the impact of their action on their victims, their families and their communities.