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I am proud that Massachusetts has the lowest firearm deaths per capita in the U.S., but I know that there is still progress to be made. There is no doubt that our state’s gun violence prevention legislation and rigorous standards for acquiring firearms has greatly reduced gun violence within our state. In 2016, however, Massachusetts still experienced 242 deaths by firearm, including suicides and homicides. I believe that, as a Commonwealth, we must continue enacting common sense gun laws that protect all children and residents of Massachusetts. I stand for legislation that will keeps guns out of the hands of those who are most likely to hurt themselves or to hurt their families and communities.

Common Sense Gun Laws

No child should fear going to school, playing outside, or walking in their neighborhood. That is why I support common-sense gun regulation for the safety and well-being of all Massachusetts residents, including universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, a ban on bump stocks, and the red flag law.

Suicide by Firearm

I believe that gun violence, including suicide by firearm, is a public health issue. I believe funding for mental health services is critical to curbing suicides; I support laws that keep guns out of the hands of individuals who are likely to harm themselves and further research into effective prevention measures.

Intimate Partner Violence

I believe that gun violence impacts all Massachusetts residents, but that gun violence is also a gender justice issue. Women are five times more likely to be murdered in a domestic violence situation that involves a firearm, than a situation without one present. I support funding for intimate partner violence prevention and services so that people of all and no genders can access the support and safety nets they need.

Those who commit domestic violence pose risks to more than just their partners and children. Police officers are more likely to be shot when responding to a domestic violence call than any other firearm related incident. We should be doing everything in our power to reduce risks to police officers who often respond to calls with the intent to aid and support those in need.

Gun Violence and Police

I support implicit bias and racial justice training programs for all police officers so that we can prevent further shootings of unarmed people of color. I believe that training and accountability for police officers will help improve community relationships between police officers and the communities in which they serve. I support an independent review board for all police shootings in the Commonwealth and believe these investigations should be unbiased.

Downloadable 3D Guns

Downloadable guns are a terrifying step in the wrong direction for our society. This practice will undermine the strong laws states like Massachusetts have on the books to limit gun ownership among those who are most likely to hurt themselves or others. As State Representative, I will explore all legislative options to curb the spread of these plans online and into the hands of potentially dangerous individuals.