Tami Stands for a Just Economy Where Every Family Can Thrive and Every Person has the Opportunity to Succeed.

TAMI BELIEVES that in order for our state to thrive and move toward a vibrant, equitable future, that we must close the gap on economic inequality. Tami knows that economic inequality is caused by many confounding policies -- the cost of healthcare, lack of affordable housing, unaffordable child care, union busting, suppressed wages, and that many families are impacted by these issues.

TAMI BELIEVES that we can grow an inclusive, just economy where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and no person is economically punished for being sick, for caring for a loved one, for serving our country overseas, or for attending college.

TAMI BELIEVES that investing in renewable energy, public transit, health care, and higher education are some of the most critical methods to expand job growth in our state, while also supporting every resident and our natural environment.

TAMI SUPPORTS the Fight for $15 Minimum Wage and for raising the wage of tipped workers to make sure every working resident can provide for their families in a dignified way and not have to work three jobs to do so.

TAMI SUPPORTS Paid Family and Medical Leave so all Massachusetts residents can take the time they need to care for a loved one, welcome a new baby, or heal from illness without worrying how they will put food on the table or pay rent.

TAMI SUPPORTS the Fair Share Amendment, or Millionaires’ Tax, to make sure that our state has enough tax revenue to spend on important things that matter to MA residents -- quality public education, maintenance of roads, overdue improvements to public transportation, and affordable public colleges.

TAMI SUPPORTS strengthening a social safety net for our communities’ most vulnerable populations, by advocating for passage of the Safe Communities Act and increasing investments in education, mental health services, and infrastructure.