Tami Stands for a Robust and Innovative Public Education System that Provides Meaningful Learning Opportunities to Every Child.

TAMI BELIEVES a fair and just public education system is critical to fostering an equitable, thriving society. If elected, Tami will fight for the equal opportunities of all children in Massachusetts and advocate for the resources so that every child can learn and thrive.

TAMI SUPPORTS strong funding of our public schools, including investments in experiential learning and 21st century skills, continued growth in music, arts and languages, and support for students with high-needs.

TAMI BELIEVES teachers have one of the most important and challenging jobs in our world. Tami believes that we should provide our teachers meaningful benefits and dignified wages that allow them to support themselves and their families.

TAMI SUPPORTS keeping the cap on charter schools and increasing transparency around charters in our state. Tami believes we should encourage innovation and creativity among our schools, but that this should not come at the expense of other students or districts.

TAMI SUPPORTS free and debt-free higher education to ensure opportunity for all. Tami believes that your family’s income should not determine whether or not you attend college.

TAMI SUPPORTS universal pre-K so that every child has the same access to the benefits of early childhood education.