Voting shouldn’t be difficult. We have the technology and the resources to increase civic participation and make sure everyone has a voice in our political process. We also have the power to reclaim our elections and ensure that corporate and wealthy interests are not dictating the information we receive about issues and candidates. What we need are elected officials who are willing to stand up and advocate for these issues, even in the face of powerful interest groups that seek to undermine such progress. As State Representative, I will be at the forefront of making our elections more fair, inclusive, and free of corporate influence.

Increasing Access to the Ballot


We all lead busy lives. Many of us have jobs, children, and other responsibilities that hinder our ability to get to the voting booth. As a state, we should be working to make sure that every person has ample opportunity to vote, regardless of their schedule or circumstance. That is why I support automatic voter registration, weekend voting, and no-excuse absentee ballots to make it easier and simpler for every person to find the time and opportunity to vote.

If we, as a state, are going to foster democratic participation and the inclusion of every voice, we need to fix our voting system to ensure that every person has the ability to cast their vote.

Citizens United and Money in Elections

I have been deeply troubled by the surplus of corporate influence and dark money in elections since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Because of this decision, corporations and the most affluent individuals in our society have outsized influence on our electoral process which hinders voter access to unbiased information about candidates and ballot questions.

This is why I have worked with the American Promise campaign to help overturn Citizens United. And it is why, as State Representative, I will continue to advocate for legislation that would reverse the impact of Citizens United and put more stringent limits on the role of money in politics, including the passage of the 28th Amendment, increasing transparency surrounding donations and Super PACs, and supporting public campaign finance laws.  

Money or the ability to acquire it should play no role in a candidate’s ability to have their message heard. As State Representative, I will fight to create fair elections free from big money and corporate influence.

Securing Voting Rights

The past few decades has seen the birth of various anti-voting rights legislation and court decisions across the nation. People of color are often the most targeted as many of the protections of the Voting Rights Act have been limited by unjust Supreme Court decisions. On the national level, the Trump Administration has ramped up efforts to pass discriminatory voting laws and suppress minority voters, from the consolidation of polling places to voter ID laws.

We cannot pretend that voting discrimination does not happen. As a state, we must do everything in our power to ensure all of our residents continue to have the right to vote, unimpeded by arbitrary legislative barriers. As State Representative, I will oppose initiatives that curb voting rights and will do everything in my power to support inclusion of all residents in the voting process.