Tami Stands for Affordable and Accessible Health Care for All, Including Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction.

TAMI SUPPORTS Single Payer Health Care/ Medicare For All because she believes high-quality and affordable health care is a right and not the privilege only for those who can afford it. We all deserve reliable health coverage from birth until death. And no Massachusetts family should have to endure the burden of insurmountable medical bills or be forced to choose between medical care or debt.

TAMI BELIEVES Massachusetts has been a leader in health-care, innovation, and access, but that we can do better and do more for our residents when it comes to health and wellness.

TAMI BELIEVES we must support individuals and families that struggle with mental health challenges and addiction. Parents should never stress to find treatment for their child or fear the only option available from our state is a jail cell.

TAMI SUPPORTS funding of mental health services, school counselors, and addiction treatment and prevention services. Tami believes we must work to dismantle the system of incarcerating individuals with addiction and mental health challenges -- a system that disproportionately impacts people of color in our state.

TAMI BELIEVES we should support health care workers and ensure they are given adequate pay and benefits, safe working conditions, and are not saddled with debt from pursuing an education.