Healthcare is an essential human right, not a privilege. While Massachusetts has long been a leader in healthcare innovation, and access, there is still work to be done. In a state and nation that has the resources to provide healthcare for everyone, no family should have to fear losing their savings while trying to access treatment for a sick loved one. As State Representative, I will be committed to providing the necessary care, including mental health and addiction treatment, to every member of the Commonwealth.


Single Payer Health Care/ Medicare For All

I believe in Single Payer Health Care and Medicaid For All because we all deserve high-quality and affordable health care coverage from birth until death, without the burden of debt or the fear of losing our savings, retirement, or home.  

Single payer healthcare is an important investment in our communities’ health and helps foster a robust economy. Single-payer healthcare will save our state much needed funds by reducing administrative and overhead fees and will free up small businesses and local municipalities that are overburdened by healthcare costs in our current system. 

There are many ways to achieve a single-payer system in Massachusetts. As your State Representative, I will bring everyone to the table to determine what system works best for our state and our residents.


Mental Health and Addiction


As a public health social worker of over 15 years, I know we must do more to support individuals and families struggling with mental health challenges and addiction. Parents should never be put in the position of stressing over finding treatment for their child or fear that the only option to keep their child safe is to ask for them to be put in jail. I believe we must work to dismantle the system of incarcerating individuals with addiction and mental health challenges -- a system that disproportionately impacts people of color in our state. 

As State Representative, I will advocate for greater funding in mental health services, school counselors, and addiction treatment and prevention services. To learn more about my plan to address the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts, please visit this page. 



Health Care Workers

In Massachusetts, our health care workers are on the front lines in addressing the opioid epidemic, supporting sexual assault survivors, and providing families the care they most need. Having worked in healthcare and social service settings, I know this work is incredibly taxing. That is why I believe that all healthcare workers must be provided adequate pay and benefits, safe working conditions, and are not be saddled with debt for pursuing an education. 

Healthy Communities

I have worked with communities and states throughout our country to improve health outcomes for residents. From my work on major public health initiatives, I know that any effort to improve health must start from within the community. This means going beyond the doctor’s office and looking at how our state’s infrastructure impacts individual health, including access to green space, commute time, recreation, and opportunities to engage in our community and pursue lifelong learning. As State Representative, I will take a systems-based approach to improving public health and I will fight for investments in lifelong learning, safe neighborhoods, humane housing, reliable transportation, arts and recreation, meaningful work, and environmental preservation. 

Culturally Competent Care

It is essential that we provide more funding, resources, and education to medical practitioners regarding culturally competent care. Immigrant populations, English Language Learners, and people of color often receive subpar care due to ingrained biases of employees and lack of accountability and reporting mechanisms. It is critical that we address disparities that hinder access and appropriate care from the medical community. As State Representative, I will work to pass legislation that seeks to address the conditions that contribute to disparities.