Legislative Intern Position Description

Position Overview

Legislative Interns are critical to the success and operation of Representative Gouveia’s office. As a Legislative Intern, you can expect to learn the inner-workings of the state legislative process, gain critical professional skills, and build a deeper understanding of various policy and contemporary issues. We expect our interns to bring a sincere commitment to justice, equity, and improving the lives of all Massachusetts residents; a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone and take initiative; and an investment in learning and growing as a young professional. Similarly, we will work with you to support your learning goals and provide opportunities that will help you progress personally, professionally, and academically.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Legislative Research: research current and past legislation and relevant policy issue areas, write legislative briefs, take notes at committee and other public hearings, track state and local news, and observe floor proceedings.

  • Constituent Services: assist constituents in resolving problems, research resources, answer questions regarding legislative inquiries, and draft correspondence.

  • Communications and Administrative Assistance: answer phones, assist in preparing district newsletters, help manage social media presence, staff Representative Gouveia at events, provide photography and video assistance, and conduct data entry and office errands as assigned. 


  • Junior and Senior undergraduate and graduate students preferred, but will accept candidates with relevant professional experience.

  • Ability to work a minimum of 15 hours a week from the State House in Boston, MA. 

  • Strong writing skills and familiarity with how to conduct research.

  • Self-directed.

  • Organized.

  • Responsible; able to maintain professional standards in presentation and dress.

  • Willing to give and receive feedback; able to work in a collaborative, respectful environment. 

  • Willing to ask for help and to assist other interns when needed.


Internships are unpaid, but can be used for course credit if arranged with your college/university. If your college or university offers a stipend program for internships, we can work with you to meet the requirements of such a program.


Please email a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to Emily Odgers (emily.odgers@mahouse.gov).


Start dates are flexible based on academic schedules. Applications are rolling, but priority deadlines are as follows:

Winter/Spring (January-May): Apply by December 22nd

Summer (May-July): Apply by April 22nd

Fall/Winter (September-December): Apply by August 23rd