Community Letters of Support

 Tami and Representative Cory Atkins.

Tami and Representative Cory Atkins.

I Support Tami Gouveia

I am asking voters to join me on September 4th and vote for Tami Gouveia for State Representative and Barbara L'Italien for US Congress -- two outstanding women with a track record of getting things done. 

Tami Gouveia will make an excellent State Representative. Her experience in healthcare can help break the current logjam in the legislature for much-needed reform.  Tami's organizational skills will be a great asset when addressing this and other issues.  She was one of the major organizers in the Massachusetts Chapter of the Women's March, which turned out hundreds of thousands of protesters the day after Trump was sworn in. She's the mother of two, so no one has to get her up to speed on educational issues.  She will bring valuable experience along with a history of victories to the House.

Senator L'Italien started her career as a social worker specializing in elder care. She cares deeply about the quality of everyone's life. She has been a pioneer in the field of Autism. When Barbara's oldest child (of four) was diagnosed, there were few treatment options and little hope for children on the Spectrum.  Yet when two of my grandsons were diagnosed, there were a plethora of services that came to our home.  Because of Barbara's relentless work, my grandsons and many other children will have the skills they need to be mainstreamed into public schools and live a full life. As my colleague, she has been a true fighter for human rights.  I watched Barbara stand up to her own Church, where she was an active parishioner, during the 2004 same sax marriage debate and cast a critical vote.

Barbara is a skilled strategist and legislator whose accomplishments illustrate she remains true to her convictions while doing the year-after-year grinding work it takes to make things happen.

Cory Atkins

State Representative, 14th Middlesex District

 Tami and Jon Kurland (Chelmsford Town Moderator)

Tami and Jon Kurland (Chelmsford Town Moderator)

Gouveia Is A Problem Solver | Published in the Lowell Sun | August 23rd

Having served in local government, I have seen what motivates others to run for office. Some run for the power, some for the prestige, some for the financial opportunities to which elective office can lead. Every so often I find a candidate who runs solely out of a desire to improve the lives of others and to make life better for his or her constituents. Those are the candidates I support.

We are fortunate to have such a candidate running for state representative, Tami Gouveia. She is an effective advocate and a determined problem solver. She is well aware that her district, which is comprised of Chelmsford, Carlisle, Concord and Acton, may often have different priorities, yet she has convinced me and many others in Chelmsford, that she will be our representative and she will fight for those issues that affect us. I truly hope that you will consider voting for Tami on September 4.

Jon Kurland


Tami Brings Hard Work and Commitment to the Table

I am writing this letter in support of Tami Gouveia who is running for State Representative of the 14th Middlesex District, currently held by Cory Atkins, who is retiring.

We need a passionate, well-informed candidate, who knows how to get results. Tami has demonstrated that she is that candidate through her hard work and experience, including being the founder and co-organizer of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Women's March on Washington and for which she mobilized 10,000 women and allies.

As a mother of two teenage sons Tami knows the issues that face all families. Her career and dedication as a leader in the field of public health for 15 years is a testament to her passion. At the Greater Lawrence Family Center she fought for answers to help families and their children who were affected by substance abuse and implemented community health programs in the city. As Executive Director of Tobacco Free Massachusetts Tami negotiated with policy makers to raise the age to 21 for persons to buy tobacco, which will help reduce tobacco related disease and death for the next generation. As State Representative, she will fight for investments in public education, 100% renewable renewable energy and environmental protections.

In a world of uncertainty we need someone to stand up for us and take on the difficult issues, negotiate, and get results.

Please stand with me to elect Tami Gouveia as our next State Representative from the 14th Middlesex District on Primary Day, September 4th, 2018.

Betsy Eldridge


Tami Understands Chelmsford

I am thrilled to be supporting a candidate for State Representative who actually knows where I live. Tami has worked hard to learn about Chelmsford and become involved with the town.  During her campaign, she has been in Chelmsford several times a week meeting with the people who live here, town officials, and town representatives. For Tami, Chelmsford is not an afterthought.

With Tami Gouveia, I feel that I will have a State Representative who will listen to my concerns, and moreover, take action on these concerns.

Every candidate lets you know what their background is and what they bring to the table. Tami brings a lot. Even though this is her first election, she is no stranger to creating policy, working the legislative process, and getting results. As she was instrumental in drafting the law to raise the age to buy tobacco to 21 and helped to get this passed. 

Tami's approach to problems is pragmatic and tries to work on the source of the problems. She has front-line experience in social work and is soon to complete her Doctorate in Public Health.  Tami has been working on the opioid problem for more than a decade. Since health-related issues are a challenge for any state legislature to tackle, having a rep with long and deep experience with public health will be a great asset to not only our community but for the whole state. 

I urge you to vote for Tami Gouveia for State Representative for the 14th Middlesex District. The primary is Tuesday, September 4th – the day after Labor Day. Please get out to vote.

Elaine MacDonald


Tami Has the Energy and Passion We Need

On September 4th this year, unenrolled and registered Democratic Concord voters have the opportunity to select the likely next Congressional representative and State Representative in over a decade.  Niki Tsongas, who has represented Concord in Congress since 2007, and Cory Atkins, who has represented Congress in the State House since 1998, are both retiring. They deserve our gratitude for honorably serving the town in what is often an unappreciated and time-consuming job and our best wishes in their retirement to be able to spend time with their grandchildren.

Fortunately, there is a lively competition of candidates to fill each seat.  After meeting many of them, reviewing their backgrounds, and considering their potential, I intend to vote for Tami Gouveia as our next State Representative and Dan Koh as our next representative in the U.S. Congress.  Both represent the passing of the torch to a new generation with the aspiration of making government work as a positive force in the lives of its citizens. Both are well educated, energetic, and eager to learn. While we are experiencing a time in our national politics where demagoguery, divisiveness, and self-serving falsehoods could discourage government service, it is heartening to see such outstanding young individuals stepping forward to serve.  I urge you to vote to Tami and Dan.

Thomas McKean


Tami Has What It Takes to Solve Challenges Massachusetts Residents Face

We are writing to endorse Tami Gouveia, progressive Democrat running for State Representative of the 14th Middlesex District in the September 4th Primary.

We’ve known Tami since before she decided to run for office and know her to be one of the most down-to-earth, straightforward, no nonsense, honest, responsive and intelligent people whose insights and ability to distill complex issues and bring people together around those issues are skills we have long appreciated and valued.

Tami has dedicated much of her career to serving her community and working on issues that impact families. As Executive Director of Tobacco Free Mass she was an integral part in crafting the legislation and negotiating the bill to raise the age at which businesses may sell tobacco and vaping products to 21.  Tami, a public health social worker,  founded the Lowell Roundtable on Substance Abuse Prevention ten years ago to address the opioid epidemic and has directed programs at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center that ensured families and kids have what they need to thrive. Tami would continue this work of supporting healthy, vibrant communities by bringing people together, listening to us, collaborating with and showing respect for those with varying points of view. We have seen Tami practice this skillset in her campaign, as a parent and community member, as the founder of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Women’s March, and we know, as State Representative, she will use these strengths to help solve the challenges our communities face.   

Tami’s credentials and proven record of success make her the superior candidate to represent the 14th Middlesex.  We strongly encourage you to vote for Tami in the September 4th primary.   

Russell and Kathleen Hart


Tami Brings Integrity, Commitment to Public Service

The September 4 Primary is coming up fast and our votes matter. I’ll be voting for Tami Gouveia as our Massachusetts State Representative (14th Middlesex District). 

I first met Tami in her role as the Massachusetts State Lead Organizer and Founder of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Her ability to communicate in a clear, timely and calm manner to a spontaneous group of thousands, and her focus on and commitment to organizing a powerful and safe event representing a broad cross-section of issues and society, impressed me deeply. 

Based on that experience, I was thrilled to learn that Tami was running for office. I wanted to know why she was running, and what skills and experience she could bring to the important role of representing us. 

I learned that Tami has worked for the past 15 years to promote effective public policies in areas that affect us all - health, education and the environment in several roles: as Director of Programs and Community Health Specialist at the MA Healthy Community Systems/Greater Lawrence Family Center developing and implementing programs to address the causes of youth substance abuse; as Founder of the Lowell Roundtable on Substance Abuse Prevention, leading a 30-member coalition to reduce opioid overdoses/deaths; as Executive Director of Tobacco Free Mass, working with lawmakers on policies to reduce tobacco-related disease/death. Each of these positions require subject area expertise, but also the ability to lead, to listen to others, and to negotiate solutions.

With Master’s Degrees in both Social Work and Public Health, Tami is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health. While her professional career and experience have been in health care, conversations with Tami reveal that she is extremely knowledgeable about the critical issues of climate change, and the importance of public education to individuals and society overall. 

Tami has earned my respect and my vote because of her integrity and track record of demonstrated leadership and effectiveness built over 15 years dedicated to public service. I ask you to join me in supporting and voting for Tami as our next Representative in the State House. 

Launa Zimmaro


Tami Brings Qualifications and Leadership

We write to express our support for the candidacy of Tami Gouveia to replace our retiring State Representative Corey Atkins. We are confident that Tami will make a terrific State Rep. for Carlisle and the Commonwealth. 

Tami is eminently qualified. She has a long history of effective leadership on urgent public health issues. Born and raised in Lowell, she founded the Lowell Roundtable on Substance Abuse Prevention. Tami served as the Executive Director of Tobacco Free Mass. She has two Masters’ Degrees: one in Social Work and one in Public Health and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Public Health (expected 2020) from Boston University’s School of Public Health, focusing on opioid policies. She now lives in Acton with her family.

We first got to know Tami in her role as founder and lead organizer of the Massachusetts Chapter of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and her continuing work to oppose Trump and his policies. She is committed to working for greater investments in education and to making Massachusetts a leader in responding to climate change. She will work for better transportation, constantly improving healthcare, getting dark money out of politics and defending democracy. 

We’ve seen her on the campaign trail where she is always asking questions and listening to constituents’ concerns. Tami is passionate and effective; smart and hard working. She is down to earth and knowledgeable about her district. She will make a great State Rep. We hope you will join us in voting for Tami Gouveia on Tuesday, September 4.

Barney Arnold & Michael Ansara