Testimony Submitted


climate change and environment

H.832: An Act to create a 2050 road-map to a clean and thriving commonwealth

H.842: An Act to sustain natural and working lands carbon in communities

H.873: An Act to promote healthy soils and agricultural innovation within the Commonwealth

H.732: An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth

H.771: An Act reducing plastic bag pollution

H.761: An Act relative to environmental justice and toxic reduction in the Commonwealth

H.743: An Act to reduce packaging waste

H.751: An Act promoting awareness of sewage pollution in public waters

H.853: An Act to assure the attainment of greenhouse gas emissions goals in the alternative portfolio standard


H.1214: An Act Committing to Higher Education the Resources to Ensure a Strong and Healthy Public Higher Education System (CHERISH Act)

H.1221: An Act to Guarantee Debt-Free Public Higher Education

H.1208: An Act requiring sexual misconduct climate surveys at institutions of higher education

H.1209: An Act relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses

Gender Equity, LGBTQ Justice, and Reproductive Health

H.3320 and S.1209 An Act to remove obstacles and expand abortion access (ROE Act)

H.80: A Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to use of gender in the Massachusetts Constitution

H.3414 An Act to promote safety for victims of violent crime and human trafficking

Election and Campaign Finance Reform

H.85: A Proposal for a Legislative Amendment to the Constitution to Declare that Corporations are Not People, Money is Not Speech