Humane and Affordable Housing in Thriving Neighborhoods

Tami's Policy

Tami believes that every resident has the right to humane and affordable housing in a thriving neighborhood. She believes that every resident has the right to flourish in a safe, inclusive, and sustainable community designed to meet their diverse physical, linguistic, cultural, mental, cognitive, relational, and emotional needs and abilities across their lifetime.

Humane and affordable housing in safe, inclusive, and thriving communities requires robust investments, and inclusive and innovative planning. That is why Tami supports:

  • investments in the development, maintenance, and greening of public housing and housing designed for seniors and disabled people
  • artists engaging in problem identification and problem solving to ensure that housing and communities meet needs of our diverse population
  • zoning reform/anti-displacement zones, transfer fee/housing trusts, increase in the deeds excise tax, and support for community development corporations and nonprofits that build affordable housing
  • establishing a green retrofit fund, with particular state investments for low-income renters/homeowners and public housing
  • transit-oriented housing for integration of housing, retail, services, and transit hubs
  • elimination of parking requirements for development of multi-unit housing
  • inclusionary zoning ordinances and auxiliary housing policies
  • policies to mitigate the impact of short-term rentals on the housing sector and the state’s neighborhoods
  • restrictions on unoccupied investor-owned properties to stabilize the housing market and to protect local economies
  • investments in neighborhood revitalization and policies to prevent gentrification
  • pathways to home ownership, including tenant’s right to purchase, down payment assistance, cooperative ownership options, foreclosure prevention, and land trusts
  • lead and other hazard removal programs and funding

Renters – especially immigrants, low-income families, and renters of color – are particularly vulnerable to housing policies and increases in the cost of housing. That is why Tami supports: 

  • working with local cities and towns to invest in housing stock that is humane and supports health, well-being, and dignity  
  • local options for rent stabilization
  • just cause eviction protections, eviction sealing, and right to counsel
  • stronger condominium and foreclosure protections, especially to protect small landlords in being able to stay in and maintain their housing
  • upfront financial assistance to defray rental and move-in costs
  • investing in language access strategies and language justice to communicate housing options, financial assistance for housing, legal support for evictions protections, and other services to increase housing stability for vulnerable families
  • ensuring that returning citizens have a safe and affordable place to live near transportation and work opportunities

For those experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness, Tami supports housing first policies and major investments to provide stable housing along with supportive services. These services include health and mental health treatment, food and transportation, vocational and educational training, among other wrap-around services.