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Ep. #103 | Jan 22, 2023

How to Foster Everyone’s Health and Well-Being? Invest in the Mental Health Workforce as a Public Good, Discussion with Special Guest Carla B. Monteiro

Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Carla B. Monteiro, Addiction Clinical Social Worker, Emergency Psychiatric Social Worker, racial and social justice advocate, and 2020 candidate for Boston City Council At-Large. Carla gets real about her financial and personal struggles as a single mom, her experiences with depression and anxiety, and what it was like working as a social worker through Covid. She highlights the myriad ways that people overlook and miscommunicate the symptoms of depression and anxiety, leading to late diagnosis and missed treatment opportunities. She shares stories and offers timely and strategic solutions to the challenges facing the mental health care workforce and the structural burdens — from income and housing insecurity to gun violence — many social work students of color and those from low-socio-economic backgrounds carry as they complete their degrees and enter the workforce. She offers a list of resources (below) to help you find treatment for yourself or a loved one.


Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or call or text 988

Find Treatment.gov

National Helpline or call 1-800-622-4357

Inno Psych

Psychology Today

Ep. #102 | Jan 15, 2023

The Power of Bravely Listening and Engaging: Finding Common Ground and Seeing Each Other as People with Special Guest, Dr. Natalia Linos

Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Dr. Natalia Linos, Executive Director at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard and 2020 Candidate for the 4th Congressional District in Massachusetts. Dr. Linos shares her experience running for Congress and stories about the power of listening and engaging across political ideology to find common ground. I think you will be delighted to hear about how her experience growing up in Greece and working at the UN and NYC helped shape her work in public health at the intersection of science and equity. We also discuss climate change, racial justice, ranked-choice voting, and the distractions and distortions created by money in politics.

Dr.'s Orders Bonus, Issue #1 | Jan 5, 2023

In this bonus issue of Dr.’s Orders on POD for the People! I share my definition of leadership, what is missing in American and Massachusetts politics in terms of leadership, and the similarities between the qualities that make someone a good friend and the qualities that make someone a good leader.

Ep. #101 | Jan 3, 2023

Introduction with Tami and Brian Muldoon

Show Notes: In this introduction to POD for the People!, Brian Muldoon helps me introduce myself by asking me awesome questions about my experiences growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, my work as a social worker and doctor of public health, the challenges I faced as a single parent, and my campaign for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts. Oh! And we also talk about why I decided to launch POD for the People! and Dr.’s Orders.

We covered a myriad of topics based on my personal and professional background, including the importance of unions and a living wage, the opioid epidemic and drug policies driven by racism, effective policies to prevent childhood abuse and neglect, what it is like to run for elective office and to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and why we need to find a way to turn to each other and invest in the common good.

I am excited to engage in this work with you. I am in the process of planning virtual and live events. So, stay tuned, subscribe to my Substack newsletter — Dr.’s Orders — at tamigouveia.us/substack, and check out my social media (@TamiGouveiaMA).

Ep. #100 | Nov 11, 2022


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