Inclusive Economy and Economic Equity

Tami's Policy

Tami believes that a thriving and inclusive economy provides equitable opportunities for every resident to achieve financial success, long-term economic security, and intergenerational wealth. Tami believes that every resident has the right to a job that supports self-worth and dignity and that provides meaningful fulfillment, growth, and prosperity.

As the granddaughter of a union carpenter, Tami supports:

  • every worker’s right to unionize and engage in collective bargaining
  • every worker’s right to a healthy and safe workplace
  • every worker’s right to thriving wages and benefits
  • every worker’s right to a workplace free of discrimination, bullying, burnout, disrespect, and unfair labor practices
  • every worker’s right to retire with dignity and financial security
  • legislation to prevent wage theft and the misclassification of workers 
  • prevailing wage policies and project labor agreements (PLAs)
  • fair scheduling practices
  • equal protections for gig workers, agricultural workers, and one fair wage policies
  • training, education, re-training, vocational training, and other programs to foster worker health, safety, and employment opportunities

Recognizing that small businesses are the backbones of our communities, Tami supports:

  • investments in entrepreneurship and small business development programs, especially for organizations and businesses owned and operated by women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ residents, and entrepreneurs/leaders of color
  • retention of a small business sector through grants, technical assistance, small business lending programs, and other financial supports 
  • equitable community-based procurement and contracting 
  • incentivizing private investments in rural communities, and gateway and small cities
  • tax fairness and ensuring that everyone and every corporation is paying their fair share for infrastructure, such as through GILTI, a fair tiered corporate minimum tax, and the Fair Share Amendment

Tami believes that one of Massachusetts’ greatest assets are its people and our people’s ability to work together to innovate and tackle our toughest challenges. That is why Tami supports:

  • children’s savings accounts and baby bonds
  • promise accounts and financial literacy programs
  • down payment assistance programs
  • flexible childcare and transportation options to support workers in the trades and in healthcare
  • elimination of savings penalties which prevent social mobility
  • ensuring that those who are incarcerated receive appropriate job, apprenticeships, and skills training, as well as employment upon re-entry
  • Medicare for All to ensure access to prevention, healthcare and mental health treatment
  • public ownership and investments in common goods and services, such as education, transportation, and housing
  • incentives for cooperative ownership of goods and services, such as grocery stores, recreation and entertainment, and healthcare services
  • pilot testing of innovations, such as universal basic income and jobs guarantee
  • investing in conditions to foster a strong green economy and a thriving green workforce
  • investing in arts and cultural programming and support for artists-in-residence in state and local government agencies
  • investments in infrastructure, public transit, education, housing, healthcare, child care, and clean energy to support the diversity of business and employment needs
  • investments in learning labs and learning collaboratives across sectors and industries to bring root cause analysis and innovative solutions to address complex problems