Opportunities for Lifelong Learning and Fulfilling One’s Purpose

The Policy

Tami believes that every person has the right to supportive and affirming learning environments – from early childhood through late adulthood – that set them up for success, provide stepping stones for social mobility and financial independence, and provide opportunities for personal fulfillment and the ability to reach their full potential. That is why Tami supports:

  • equitable investments in education, including fully funding the Student Opportunity Act
  • Common Start legislation and investments in early childcare 
  • debt-free higher education
  • investments in after- and out-of-school programming, internships, and summer jobs
  • ending MCAS and other high stakes testing requirement for graduation
  • creation of a commission for anti-racism in education
  • investments in technology and innovative learning tools
  • H616 which promotes mental health education in schools
  • investments in STEAM education, particularly for low-income students and students of color
  • increasing investments in the Massachusetts School Building Authority to ensure that all schools provide safe and healthy learning and teaching environments
  • H3716 to ensure continued COVID19 safety protocols (PPEs, COVID tests) and proper circulation of airflow
  • maintaining the current cap on charter schools
  • bringing greater accountability to charter schools
  • full funding for regional school transportation
  • school discipline reform to eliminate racial and economic disparities in school exclusion
  • ensuring that returning citizens have no-cost access to educational programming and job training
  • universal meals in schools