Reliable and Affordable Transportation

The Policy

Safe, reliable, and affordable transportation provides critical access to economic and educational opportunities, healthcare and other goods and services, as well as recreation and other activities that foster interpersonal connection, meaning, and joy. Tami believes that every resident has the right to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation and to live in a walkable and rideable community with diverse modes of transportation. Tami believes that greening our public transit system and ensuring transportation connectivity statewide reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates the impact of climate change.

That is why Tami supports:

  • expanding and improving the reliability of public transit options to meet the needs of residents, especially older adults, residents with disabilities, those with low-incomes, and those living in rural communities
  • fare-free buses and reduced fares for subway, commuter rail, and ferry services
  • investing in regional transit authorities and micro-transit systems, especially in small towns and rural communities
  • addressing first- and last-mile barriers to transit access, including satellite parking and local transportation options between hubs
  • investing in regional rail projects
  • increasing investments in bicycle and car-share programs
  • incentives for consumer purchases of electric vehicles
  • expanding electric vehicle charging stations
  • funding for complete streets, smart growth designs, bicycle lanes and rail trails, sidewalks, and traffic calming projects to improve safety and mobility
  • flexible bus and transit options and operating hours to meet the diverse needs of working parents, students, and employers
  • developing housing near public transit hubs and other amenities
  • equitable funding of transportation projects
  • investing in electrification of publicly-owned bus fleets
  • rapid bus transit and other projects to move more people from one place to another
  • regional transportation ballot initiatives to allow municipalities the ability to raise revenue for local and regional transportation projects