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We need a doctor of public health, we need someone who's really focused on the health, the well-being, and the dignity of our residents and really putting people at the center of how we're making decisions."

Gouveia on why we need a different type of Lt. Governor who can address complex issues on Day 1

Jon Keller is continuing his conversations with lieutenant governor candidates in Massachusetts. Candidate Tami Gouveia is a public health expert, and a social worker, and has been a state representative for Acton, Chelmsford, Concord, and Carlisle in the House since 2018.

“The kind of leadership we need in the corner office is someone who is going to stay true to the progressive values that we have here in Massachusetts,” Gouveia said.

She criticized candidate Kim Driscoll for not coming out against a Super PAC with reported Republican ties that was formed to support her. “There is a step that she can take, even if they’re not supposed to coordinate on that kind of thing, she can distance herself from it rather than choosing to benefit from it.”

Gouveia said voters should be “asking why would a Republican PAC like this one, the Mitch McConnell-type Republican PAC, why would they choose to support a Democratic candidate in the primary here in Massachusetts? People should be asking themselves that question.”