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“I think it’s the logistics and just the undertaking of how we could roll out a rapid antigen testing program,In other countries, they are mailing two tests per week home to residents so they can self-test and then make decisions about whether or not they go out into public and other localities. They’re doing it through the schools like in the State of California.”

Gouveia Announces Plan for Free Rapid COVID Tests for Everyone


BOSTON — COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are already available to local schools and boards of health, but doctors say if we want to get out of this pandemic, they need to be available for everyone for free.


Take the case of Cameron Thompson, who is visiting from Atlanta and is going to visit a friend whose 18-month-old has some symptoms. Thompson is in town for two more days and wouldn’t have had time to wait for a free PCR test so instead, he opened up his wallet.