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In other countries, they are mailing two tests per week home to residents so they can self-test and then make decisions about whether or not they go out into public and other localities. They’re doing it through the schools like in the State of California.”

Gouveia announces plan for free rapid COVID tests for everyone

As the Delta variant spreads and schools and college campuses reopen to students and faculty, Rep. Tami Gouveia sent a letter last week to Gov. Charlie Baker urging him to use federal and state funding to make rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 free and accessible to residents.

Gouveia, an Acton Democrat who is running for lieutenant governor, penned an open letter signed by 250 legislators, public health experts and residents, supporting improved access to rapid testing as a way to control the transmission of COVID-19. PCR testing is considered the gold standard for COVID-19 detection, but it requires the use of lab equipment and trained personnel to administer, and results can take days.