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By Chris Lisinski | State House News Service

Reiterating her “serious concerns” about safety at the state’s mass vaccination sites, Rep. Tami Gouveia called for passage of legislation Friday that would impose stricter testing precautions on workers at the locations. Gouveia, an Acton Democrat, filed a bill (HD 2915) that would require any employee, vendor or contractor to test negative with a rapid antigen test before entering a mass vaccination site.

Workers involved in administering vaccines would also need to be tested once per week with a PCR molecular test under Gouveia’s bill. Her office said PCR tests, which produce results more slowly than rapid antigen tests, are the current norm, though no specific baseline is required by law.

“In the midst of a global pandemic we must do all that we can to protect vulnerable individuals from the spread of COVID-19,” Gouveia said in a statement. “Mandating comprehensive testing at mass vaccination sites is an essential step to ensure the safety and well-being of our seniors, residents with co-morbidities, and others who are being encouraged to use these sites.”