Declaration of Rights for Health, Well-Being, and Dignity for All

I believe that every resident of the Commonwealth has the right to flourish in healthy and connected neighborhoods that support each person’s full humanity and their ability to reach their full potential. 

I believe that we have the shared opportunity and responsibility to face our history and the legacies that have harmed and marginalized residents of color, low-income and working class families, LGBTQ+ residents, women, people with different abilities, disabilities, and superpowers, religious minorities, and immigrant families. I believe that, by building collective and inclusive movements for the common good, we can: transform systems built on structural exclusion; foster racial healing and community resiliency; create shared power and values-based decision-making, and; build community conditions that foster inclusive and equitable economic opportunities and political engagement.

I believe that we can strengthen our social fabric to meet the urgent moment and solve the most complex challenges we are facing by acknowledging the inherent worth and dignity of every person of the Commonwealth. And, I believe that every sector of society has a role – from the arts and sciences, to business and government – to play in creating connections between neighbors and ensuring the conditions for shared success and vitality. We all thrive together when hidden potential is untrapped and when every individual is able to live and celebrate their full, authentic humanity.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the vital conditions for equitable health and well-being are met and that we make the investments needed to ensure that every resident’s basic physiological, psychological, mental, emotional, and physical needs are met; ignoring any one area will continue to fray our social fabric and our long-term sustainability as a people and as a planet. 

We must find the courage to build the future we want and deserve by sharing power and ensuring that our shared human needs are met; anything less leads to preventable illness, poverty, injury, addiction, homelessness, isolation, interpersonal harms and violence, pollution, and other disasters that cause human suffering, despair, and premature death and preventable loss. 

Equitable Health and Well-Being

Every resident has the right to:

Affordable, affirming, and comprehensive healthcare that meets their physical, mental, reproductive, and emotional well-being needs.

Bring their whole self to their school, work, and community and to celebrate their culture, religion or faith, gender, and sexuality without threat of harm or violence.

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Humane and Affordable Housing in Thriving Neighborhoods

Every resident has the right to:

Flourish in safe, inclusive, humane, and sustainable communities that meet their diverse physical, linguistic, cultural, mental, cognitive, relational, and emotional needs and abilities.

Local amenities that support residents’ everyday safety, housing, nutritional, occupational, healthcare, reproductive, transportation, educational, recreational, and civic engagement needs.

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Inclusive Economy and Economic Equity

Every resident has the right to:

Jobs and economic opportunities that support self-worth and dignity and that provide a thriving wage, safe and healthy work conditions, and meaningful opportunities for fulfillment, growth, and intergenerational wealth-building.

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Healthy and Sustainable Natural Environments

Every resident has the right to:

Live on and enjoy a resilient and sustainable planet, free of hazards and toxic pollutants, and a livable environment that equitably meets food, water, energy, recreational, and other basic needs now and for future generations.

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Opportunities for Lifelong Learning and Fulfilling One's Purpose

Every resident has the right to:

Supportive and affirming learning environments, from early childhood education to late adulthood, that set them up for success, provide for social mobility and financial independence, and provide them with the opportunities for personal fulfillment and the ability to reach their full potential.

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Reliable, Affordable, and Greener Transportation

Every resident has the right to:

Safe, reliable, and affordable transportation and to live in a walkable and rideable community that provides connection to economic and educational opportunities and activities that support joy regardless of financial means, mode, ability, or disability.

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Dignity, Bodily Autonomy, and Respect for Shared Humanity

Every resident has the right to:

Live a dignified life full of joy and free of dehumanizing and stigmatizing treatment, policies, and practices because of their race, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, religion or faith, income, educational status, sexuality, gender identity or expression, family composition, Veteran status, age, zip code, weight, height, ability, disability, health status, survivor status, or involvement with the criminal legal system.

Belonging, Democracy, and Inclusion

Every resident has the right to:

Engage in and have a meaningful role in institutional decision-making that affects their everyday lives and participate in activities that provide opportunities for human connection and relationship building.