Values & Priorities

Throughout my public health, social work, and policymaking career, I have traveled across the Commonwealth and engaged in meaningful conversations with everyday people about the hopes for our shared future.

I released the Declaration of Rights for Equitable Health, Well-Being, and Dignity, a dynamic statement that reflects policy and practice changes for a hopeful, joy-filled, and thriving future. In this work, we are each invited to contribute our own skills, abilities, and passions for belonging and inclusion.

If you are ready to break out of stagnant, do-nothing politics, and into a generative, solutions-based movement for health, dignity, and prosperity for all, join us.

In solidarity,


Equitable Health and Well-Being

Humane and Affordable Housing in Thriving Neighborhoods

Inclusive Economy and Economic Equity

Dignity, Bodily Autonomy, and Respect for Shared Humanity

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning and Fulfilling One's Purpose

Healthy and Sustainable Natural Environments

Belonging, Democracy, and Inclusion

Reliable, Affordable, and Greener Transportation